"I'd say something pretentious, but I'm too busy sketching the future on my grid paper of hope."
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On a frosty March evening many moons ago in Chicago, a light shown upon the birth of a tiny perfect babe. Four hospitals away the next morning, an acidic little punk with a 5 o'clock shadow also came into the world: Justin A. Dauer. Enrolling in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago the following day, he began his life's creative journey.

With bloodshot tunnel vision, he’s drawn from his career’s experiences across agency side, client side, design-centric, and pure tech toward fostering healthy, dynamic, supportive creative cultures. And, writing obnoxiously long-winded run-on sentences.

In his nonexistent spare time, he enjoys penning biographies in the third-person narrative, designing and printing UX Shirts for user advocates, and spending every free moment with his amazing son. You might remember him from old-school design-focused e-zines such as (co-founding) GUI Galaxy, or (news authoring) Kaliber10000 (K10k).

Pixel design, and the inherent constraints of the medium, has long been near and dear to his bit-based heart. He founded The Dead Pixel Society with some of the world's best icon designers to carry on that tradition. He's posited:

"Through 256-color icons at 32x32 pixels, I’ve achieved a restored design peace predicated upon no-bullshit visual problem solving. The power of the pixel."

Lastly, the question on no one's mind: what’s a “pseudoroom“? In 1996, as a scruffy lad in art school, Justin’s fledgling web site was a virtual folio display in a quasi physical space: a pseudo room. The name has stuck through the course of time. The broad concept is derivative of his passion for design; in particular, its infusion with the digital landscape.

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